Concrete Floor Grinding

Concrete Grinding are global experts in upgrading concrete floor flatness in Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) warehouses and distribution centres. Each year we grind thousands of linear metres of aisle to enable VNA forklift trucks to operate safely and efficiently on warehouse floors all around the world.

Concrete Grinding Ltd have now fully developed the new “Laser Grinder® XPT”, with lower emissions, reduced sound levels, faster grinding and the introduction of the curve computer.

Specialist Laser Grinding

Concrete Grinding Ltd invented and manufactured the world’s most advanced laser guided floor grinding system – the Laser Grinder® which enables aisles on new and existing warehouse floors to be upgraded to the flatness standards required to operate VNA forklift trucks safely and at their optimum efficiency. It is a clean, quick and a very effective way of achieving the desired level of floor flatness, while offering little or no disruption to the ongoing warehouse activities.

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Concrete Grinding Ltd was first established in 1989, as a small manual floor grinding service, operating traditional single-headed, trolley-mounted grinding machines. To achieve super or even ultra flat specifications we invented the worlds most advanced laser-guided grinding system, also known as the Laser Grinder®.

As part of the global industrial flooring consortium, the CoGri Group, Concrete Grinding Ltd has access to a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. Working in conjunction with other members of the CoGri Group, Concrete Grinding is able to provide a full range of services for all your warehouse / industrial concrete floor requirements.

Why Choose Concrete Grinding Ltd?

  • Market Leader – We are the market leader when it comes to flat floors and we’ve been doing it longer than anyone else
  • Unique System – Our unique laser grinding system was patented in 1991 and we continue to design, build and develop all our equipment in-house
  • Self Contained – The laser grinders are completely self contained meaning no trailing pipes or cables and no requirement for costly three phase power
  • Dust Free – Our laser grinding system is clean and dust free meaning that existing stock doesn’t need to be removed from the racking
  • Fast – Grinding is completed quickly with minimum disruption and extremely accurately
  • Knowledge – Part of the CoGri Group, a consortium of international warehouse and industrial floor solution specialists

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Silver - Manual Floor Grinding Solution

For floors with minimal errors that just fail to meet the required flatness specs.

Manually Grinding a Floor

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