BIC Project in Athens

September 1, 2009

Concrete Grinding Ltd (CG) began the year with a return trip to Greece to work in partnership with Eurolit at a new facility for BIC-Violex SA in Athens constructed by Techniki Anodos SA.

The Process

See below:
1. Face Consultants survey the floor according to DIN 15185 before the racking installation.
2. The Laser Grinder® ready to work without the racking being present.
3. Just after the completion of the racking installation.

Floor Survey

Face Consultants survey the floor
1. DIN 15185 Survey

The assignment was very similar to the Aktor project done back in 2007-2008 for IKEA. Eurolit constructed the steel fibre reinforced floor to a high standard.Face Consultants then tested the aisles for compliance to the DIN 15185 specification within the proposed truck wheel paths. The graphic traces were then analysed and any sections which did not comply with the specification were highlighted. Subsequently, Concrete Grinding used the Laser Grinder® to correct the floor within the wheel tracks at these locations.

The entire grinding process was completed before the racking installation started. All CG needed was for the aisle centres to be marked on the floor so that Laser Grinding could begin.

Grinding Process

The Laser Grinder®
2. Laser Grinder

In total 14 aisles in 3 separate halls were brought in to full compliance of the DIN 15185 specification.

After Laser Grinding, Face Consultants surveyed every aisle to prove that the floor complied with the specification in full.

Overall, the work took 1 week from start to finish, was problem free and executed on time. This type of contract shows how Concrete Grinding Ltd can work alongside a flooring contractor such as Eurolit to offer a client a total solution. In addition, it demonstrates that the Laser Grinding process can be performed without any racking present – offering another level of flexibility to the main contractors project schedule.


racking installation
3. Just after the completion

Project manager for Techiniki Anodos Mr. Manoilis Markakis commented, “Since this project was very pressed on time, the solution offered by Eurolit and Concrete Grinding Ltd was the only one that could guarantee the achievement of the specification and finish the works within the strict time schedule. The project went smoothly from start to finish. The Laser Grinding process was very impressive and both the Concrete Grinding Ltd and Eurolit teams were very professional. The way both companies worked together gave us a complete solution to the flooring issue, allowing the installation of the racking on time, just after the grinding process, enabling operations at full speed immediately. We are very happy with the results and would recommend using both companies for future work.”

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