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The CoGri Group is a consortium of international specialists in the upgrading, repair and enhancement of industrial floors, particularly in floor flatness in narrow aisles.

The CoGri Group has representation worldwide, operating from our main offices in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, South Korea, China, Australia as well as working with partners and agents across all continents.

The CoGri Group has been successfully providing solutions to warehouse operators with their flooring problems since 1989. With access to the latest in flooring technologies, best minds and experience in the industrial concrete flooring industry, we are able to provide a complete package solution for the design, construction, enhancement and repair of warehouse, industrial and commercial floors. Our knowledge and expertise complement our understanding of the modern warehouse operation enabling us to provide the best solution that meets clients’ individual needs.

Our comprehensive range of floor solutions includes:

Flatness and Flatness Specifications Consultancy Wire Guidance Installation
Design and Build Services Q. A.
Design Reviews Surveying and Testing
Superflat High Tolerance Floor Construction Silver – Manual floor grinding
Long Strip Floor Construction Gold – Superflat floor grinding with the patented Laser Grinder®
Laser Screed ® Floor Construction Platinum – Ultraflat floor grinding with the Laser Grinder® XPT
Superflat Fastrack Laser Screed ® / Laser Grinder® Bespoke Tolerance Grinding
Topping Slab Floor System Floor Joint Repairs
Cold Stored Floor System Floor Joint Stabilising with the CoGri Joint Stabiliser
On-site Supervision Re-surfacing of worn out floors
General Floor Surface Grinding
Screed Systems
CoGri Floor Repair & Maintenance Products

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Platinum - Ultraflat Floor Grinding Solution

Can achieve exceptionally tight tolerance concrete grinding in narrow aisles.

Laser Grinding a Floor Ultraflat

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