Concrete Grinding Cooking Up A Storm

November 6, 2015

Three Track Grinding - Andrew JamesWhen firms move to new warehouses and distribution centres, Concrete Grinding are often asked to come in to get the concrete floor up to a required standard.

Andrew James, the world renowned kitchenware and appliance manufacturer have been so successful in recent years, that they are moving to a larger, state-of-the-art distribution centre in the North of England; and they brought the industrial floor experts in to ensure the aisles in the racking area were fit for purpose..

“We’ve moved 16.2 miles across town” said Paul Robinson, Project Manager for Andrew James UK Ltd. “We’ve basically out grown our current premises, and this one is much larger and gives us more space in which to stock our goods. It allows us to get smarter machinery in to the site to help us ship stock out to customers too.”

The site is adorned with very high racking, and with Jungheinrich trucks chosen to operate in the VNA aisles throughout the distribution centre, Andrew James needed to grind the floor in the racking areas to DM2 standard.

“Concrete Grinding recommended that we had a profilograph survey done by Face Consultants” said Paul. “This allowed them to see which areas of the floor needed grinding.”

There are 1484 linear metres of narrow aisle in the unit, and 705 linear metres of that (48%) needed three wheel track grinding, with one aisle requiring whole aisle width grinding, using CoGris patented Laser Grinder.

Paul Altham of Concrete Grinding (left) discusses laser grinding with Paul Robinson on site at Andrew James.

Paul Altham, Technical Services Manager for Concrete Grinding said: “We worked closely with Paul and his on-site Safety Manager to ensure that we did our work in a timely manner, and were flexible when it came to electricians and other contractors doing work in the same areas that we were in. We worked to a programme that allowed us to complete stages of our work, and other contractors could then precede us, or follow us, making it a seamless process for Andrew James.”

The work took a total of six weeks to complete, and Andrew James were very happy with Concrete Grindings contribution to a huge project.

“The professionalism that came across from Concrete Grinding has been impressive” said Paul Robinson. “We saw them face to face for regular meetings from the start, and from us receiving the RAMS, to their communication, and to their flexibility right through to the very end they’ve done a very good job.”

The distribution centre is likely to open its doors in early 2016.

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