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Wheel Track Grinding

Our philosophy is to grind the least amount of concrete that is required to provide the maximum benefit for the end user.

The Laser Grinder® is easily adapted to grind all the necessary wheel paths.

Wheel track grinding

Laser Grinding for a 3 Wheel VNA Truck

As a minimum requirement, any remedial wheel track grinding for a 3-wheeled VNA forklift truck must upgrade the floor flatness to the specified tolerances in the front (left & right) load wheel tracks. Wheel track grinding all 3 wheel paths ensures that each wheel of the VNA truck follows a similar profile, allowing faster operations and high-level pallet movements to be carried out safely.

The Laser Grinder® is easily adapted to grind 2 or 3 wheel paths to any required flatness tolerance. The left and right tracks are performed simultaneously, in one pass along an aisle, and the centre track can be added by making a second pass.

For both 3 or 4 wheeled VNA trucks, the ground paths are typically 400mm wide, depending upon the width of the truck wheels. Wider ground paths can be achieved by making a further pass along the aisle.

The base of each ground path is flat across its width, with a sufficient clearance to each side of the truck wheel.

Laser Grinding For a 4 Wheel VNA Truck

Remedial wheel track grinding for a 4-wheeled VNA forklift truck should ensure that all 4 wheels are accommodated within the ground paths.

The Laser Grinder in Aisle

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