Defined Wheel Track Grinding

Our philosophy is to grind the least amount of concrete that is required to provide the maximum benefit for the end user.

Wheel track grinding

The Laser Grinder® is easily adapted to grind all the necessary wheel paths.

Laser Grinding for a 3 Wheel VNA Truck

Ground and operational aisle for 3 wheeled VNA truck

As a minimum requirement, any remedial wheel track grinding for a 3-wheeled VNA forklift truck must upgrade the floor flatness to the specified tolerances in the front (left & right) load wheel tracks. Wheel track grinding all 3 wheel paths ensures that each wheel of the VNA truck follows a similar profile, allowing faster operations and high-level pallet movements to be carried out safely.

The Laser Grinder® is easily adapted to grind 2 or 3 wheel paths to any required flatness tolerance. The left and right tracks are performed simultaneously, in one pass along an aisle, and the centre track can be added by making a second pass.

For both 3 or 4 wheeled VNA trucks, the ground paths are typically 400mm wide, depending upon the width of the truck wheels. Wider ground paths can be achieved by making a further pass along the aisle.

The base of each ground path is flat across its width, with a sufficient clearance to each side of the truck wheel.

Laser Grinding For a 4 Wheel VNA Truck

Ground and operational aisle for 4 wheeled VNA truck

Remedial wheel track grinding for a 4-wheeled VNA forklift truck should ensure that all 4 wheels are accommodated within the ground paths.

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Laser Grinding a Floor Ultraflat

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