DM1 Floor Grinding for BioMarin

January 16, 2017

Concrete Laser GrinderConcrete Grinding Ltd, part of the CoGri Group of companies has delivered another great floor grinding project, this time for pharmaceutical giant BioMarin.

The industrial flooring experts specialise in very narrow aisle (VNA) floor flatness grinding for warehouses and distribution centres. They were contacted by main contractor MMD Construction Ltd to propose a solution which involved site surveys and laser grinding at BioMarin’s DC in Ringaskiddy, Ireland.

DM1 Classification

“This project was different to the norm in that the end user wanted us to grind two VNA aisles to the DM1 classification of Concrete Society TR34, but also a free movement transfer area to an equivalent of the classification too” said Paul Altham, Technical Services Manager for Concrete Grinding. “Transfer areas don’t normally have such stringent flatness requirements, as the trucks aren’t operating at great height or in a confined space like a narrow aisle. However, we have the capability to carry these works out if required.”

Laser Grinder In Action“The first stage of the process involved Face Consultants Ltd, who are also part of the CoGri Group” Paul said. “They came in to perform a Profileograph survey in the aisle positions so we could determine which areas of floor needed grinding into compliance. Once the survey was complete, the aisle positions were ‘drilled and blocked’. This is a procedure we carry out when the racking is not erected, and basically involves installing temporary guide rails for our Laser Grinder® machine to ensure grinding is kept straight. This often helps our client’s programme, as it means grinding does not have to wait until the racking has been erected.”

Fully Operational

Grinding was quickly carried out to the whole width of the two narrow aisles, and in the transfer aisle by making a series of passes with the Laser Grinder®.

Dan Myers, Contracts Manager for Concrete Grinding added “One of the key benefits of our system is that other operations can continue as normal around us, whether it be a fully operational warehouse or a construction site like this. Our Laser Grinder® machines are self-contained and produce zero airborne dust thanks to a powerful on-board vacuum system.”

BioMarin are world leaders in developing therapies to treat rare genetic diseases and their revenues are set to top $1 Billion in 2017.  The US-owned pharma-giant is experiencing 20% growth in revenue year on year, and this project adds to the long list of CoGri Group pharmaceutical clients.

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