Why the Floor may be the Most Important Part of Your Automated Warehouse

May 20, 2021

Automated Warehouse - Importance of FloorVisit the CoGri Group at IntraLogisteX, 1-2 July 2021.

A floor is just a floor surely? Discover why it is so much more and how it may be the most important element of any new or existing automated warehouse by visiting the CoGri Group on Stand 1030 at IntraLogisteX 2021.

As an international consortium of flooring solution specialists, the CoGri Group can provide a full range of flooring services for automated warehouses. Representatives from Face Consultants, CG Flooring Systems, and Concrete Grinding Ltd will be in attendance to explain why your warehouse floor should be the first consideration when using robotics.

Face Consultants

Robotics Floor Flatness Testing Profileograph
1. Robotics Floor Flatness Testing Profileograph

Face Consultants are international experts in the surveying and testing of floor flatness for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and other robotic systems such as collaborative robots (Cabots), aiding the optimisation of commercial and industrial floors for productive and cost-effective operations.

Face Consultants also test floors in VNA warehouses utilising fully automated systems, or semi-automated operations where VNA trucks are in use, ensuring that specifications for floor flatness are met in relation to the height of the racking system.

Our Robotics Profileograph, designed and manufactured in-house by the CoGri Engineering team, will be on display at the show. The Robotics Profileograph is used to identify areas of the floor out of tolerance and requiring remedial grinding.

Concrete Grinding

VNA Laser Grinding
2. VNA Laser Grinding

Experts from Concrete Grinding Ltd will be on hand to explain how super or even ultra-flat floor specifications for VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) operations with semi or fully automated systems can be achieved using our world-leading laser-guided grinding system, the Laser Grinder.

CG Flooring Systems

Automated Warehouse Floor Grinding
3. Automated Warehouse Floor Grinding

For all other automated operations, CG Flooring are experts in grinding concrete industrial floors into compliance, meeting specifications for respective automated systems swiftly and effectively, with vacuum enhanced equipment to control dust and ensure minimal disruption.

Improve Automated Warehouse Performance

Group M.D, Kevin Dare, says “We are delighted to be able to connect with our customers at the IntraLogisteX show and demonstrate how the floor makes such a difference to your automated warehouse performance. Such warehouses are now seen as essential for meeting consumer’s demands, and the cleaner, faster, and more efficiently your automated systems operate, the more cost-effective and productive they will be.” He continues “Many investors, operators and owners rightly focus on the robotics used in their warehouses however, this can be of detriment to the base of their operations – the floor. Our group of companies will be on hand at the show to explain and demonstrate why the flatter your floor is, the better your automated facilities will run.”

Visit us

Visit us on Stand 1030 at IntraLogisteX, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, 1-2 July 2021 to discover how the CoGri Group will deliver the perfect floor for your automated system.

Free registration is available at http://bit.ly/IntraLogisteX-CoGri. We look forward to seeing you there.

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