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Keystore Ltd Testimonial

Keystore Ltd Testimonial

We were delighted with the response we received after successfully completing a floor grinding service for our client Keystore Ltd.

Keystore Ltd is a leading warehouse and logistic solutions provider based in Hull. They required concrete floor grinding in 4 very narrow aisles measuring 2 x 80m and 2 x 72m (Totalling 304m).

With our Laser Grinder ® technology, we were able to upgrade the floor flatness to a standard suitable for the safe and efficient operation of their VNA forklift trucks.

Video Transcript

“I can honestly say I’ve been totally surprised in their (Concrete Grinding Ltd) performance up to date…They’ve been amazing!”

“When they sit there and tell you that they’re going to achieve what you want them to achieve, without any dust, without relatively any noise, any inconvenience, you don’t believe it, but they do do exactly what they say, and I can not emphasise enough how professional they are.”

Keystore Ltd UK Director, Susan Smith

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