Ultraflat Floor Grinding – Platinum

In today’s fast paced World, customers can purchase items with a click of a mouse and select same day delivery. This means that warehouse operators are under pressure to perform at optimum efficiency 24 / 7 which leaves little room for error or downtime.

As materials handling equipment (MHE) and warehouse technology becomes more sophisticated to cope with faster delivery and meet expectations, the demand for flatter floors has also grown.

ultraflat floor grinding XPT

Possibly the flattest floors in the World

The Laser Grinder® XPT -‘Xtra Precision Technology’, has been developed to provide clients with a flatter floor than ever before. The Laser Grinder® XPT can achieve ULTRAFLAT concrete floor grinding in narrow aisle warehouses, with exceptionally tight tolerances. ULTRAFLAT far exceeds the limits of current international standards.

As with the standard Laser Grinder® the Laser Grinder® XPT is suitable for operation in a live warehouse environment, offering little or no interference to ongoing warehouse activities and shares all the benefits highlighted in the Gold Service.

In addition, the XPT’s other pioneering features and benefits include:

* Replaced 2021. New version has no flatness requirement.

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Gold - Superflat Floor Grinding Solution

Grinding to suit all VNA trucks & achieves all defined movement specifications.

Grinding a Floor Superflat

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