Laser Grinder® XPT

The Laser Grinder® XPT can achieve ULTRAFLAT floor profiles that far exceed the limits of current international standards.

If all that is needed is a floor to a given floor flatness standard then the Standard Laser Grinder® is the machine for the job. If a project requires something special – an ultraflat floor to exceptionally tight tolerances, the Laser Grinder® XPT is the best solution.

Precision concrete floor grinding in narrow aisle warehouses

The Laser Grinder® XPT – ‘Xtra Precision Technology’ has been developed to provide clients with a flatter floor than ever before. As with its predecessor – the Laser Grinder®, the Laser Grinder® XPT is suitable for operation in a live warehouse environment, offering little or no interference to ongoing warehouse activities. This important feature is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of many of the XPT’s pioneering qualities. These include:-

Proven results confirming that the Laser Grinder® XPT can achieve ULTRAFLAT floors

Cost Effective Solution

XPT Laser Grinder

  • Provides clients with MAXIMUM TRUCK PERFORMANCE
  • Guaranteed to EXCEED all international defined movement specifications; TR34, ACI Fmin, DIN 15185, EN 15620:2008* and VDMA Guideline
  • Reduced emissions which meets the latest Euro 5 standard
    Lower noise levels < 84 DBA
  • Curve computer control – allows minimal depth of grinding required to meet the specification by only correcting errors in floor surface regularity, rather than grinding the whole aisle from end to end – a cost effective solution which our competitors cannot offer!
  • Enhanced operator control system
  • No requirement for three phase power or generators – therefore no hidden electricity charges

Fast, Flexible and Accurate

Laser Grinding a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)

  • Total flexibility to suit all VNA forklift trucks; 2 tracks, 3 tracks or whole aisle width
  • A completely self sufficient machine, with no trailing high voltage cables or water pipes – ensuring very safe working practices are maintained
  • Each path is ground flat across its width to ensure that each VNA forklift truck wheel makes full contact with the floor surface
  • Laser guided and constantly checks and maintains the correct path during the grinding process – accurate to within fractions of a millimetre
  • Suitable for use in operational food and pharmaceutical storage facilities – even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Can grind through bolts up to 12mm thick and metal joints that fall within the required ground path

Flattest Floors in the World!

The new Laser Grinder® XPT has been under development and testing for over two years and has already achieved possibly the flattest floors in the world! These results were revealed in the Laser Grinding projects carried out in Germany. Click here to read more about the Laser Grinder® XPT projects.

Concrete Grinding Ltd, a subsidiary of the global consortium the CoGri Group, has been successfully upgrading new and existing VNA/narrow aisle using the Laser Grinder® for over 25 years.

* Replaced 2021. New version has no flatness requirement.

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