Laser Grinder®

The world’s most advanced laser guided floor grinding system.

Used for the precision grinding of new and existing floors, allowing them to be upgraded to the required flatness standards for the safe operation of VNA forklift trucks.

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We can deliver grinding quickly, cleanly and efficiently so that your operations can return to normal at the earliest opportunity. See how our laser grinding system can benefit your warehouse operations.


With its strong R&D department, Concrete Grinding Ltd continues to develop the Laser Grinder® where the system gets fine tuned and upgraded each time it returns to Head Office for maintenance and servicing.


Original Laser Grinder

The wet, vacuum-enclosed grinding process is free from airborne dust and clean enough to work alongside fully stocked racks – even in food and pharmaceutical storage facilities.

The Laser Grinders® hydraulic drive and vacuum systems are powered by a lean burn diesel engine. The cleanliness of this engine is further enhanced by a catalytic converter to ensure that exhaust emissions are negligible.

The Laser Grinding process is so clean that Concrete Grinding have completed many contracts in live operational pharmaceutical, and other sensitive, warehouse environments.


Laser Grinder® In Narrow Aisle

A Freezer Store working environment is not a problem for the Laser Grinder®. With a few slight modifications, the same high quality of corrective grinding can be achieved in sub-zero temperatures. Concrete Grinding have successfully completed numerous freezer store contracts.

The Laser Grinder® does not require power cables or water pipes when it operates in the aisles – it is a totally self-sufficient unit, so we only need to work in one aisle at any one time.

The floor surface is immediately useable as soon as the grinding is completed, allowing emergency stock retrieval during the grinding process if necessary.

The Laser Grinder® can easily achieve the following International industry Standards:

Grinding Profile for the Laser Grinder®

The Laser Grinder® does not necessarily grind flat from one end of an aisle to the other as this would usually require very deep grinding. By using the allowable longitudinal slopes of the required flatness specification, we can follow the general profile of the existing floor

Disadvantages Of Manual Grinding

If you are considering remedial grinding to upgrade the floor flatness in your narrow aisles, you need to be aware of the problems that manual grinding equipment causes

Problems with Overlays in VNA Aisles

If you are considering the use of an overlay material to upgrade the floor in your narrow aisles, you need to be aware of the potential problems that may be caused

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Concrete Grinding Ltd, a subsidiary of the global consortium the CoGri Group, has been successfully upgrading new and existing VNA/narrow aisle using the Laser Grinder® for over 25 years.

* Replaced 2021. New version has no flatness requirement.

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