New Grinding Services to Suit all VNA Warehouse Flooring Needs

September 1, 2012

Since the company was first established over 20 years ago, Concrete Grinding Ltd has always strived to ensure its customers receive the best possible service in narrow aisles concrete floor grinding. By combining the latest technology and expertise, we are able to provide the most cost effective solution to clients’ flooring problems.

What has been apparent over the decades is that we must constantly innovate and develop our floor grinding systems in order to meet with the demands of the industry. Thus, the addition of the Laser Grinder® XPT means we now have three methods of grinding floors. Clients can choose from three levels of concrete floor grinding services suitable for their flooring requirements; Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver – Manual Floor Grinding

Manual floor grinding, using trolley mounted or hand held grinding machines, is a method that we first professed over 20 years ago, before the development of the Laser Grinder® technology. At that time, manually operated diamond headed grinders provided the most effective method of upgrading floor flatness in narrow aisles of a VNA warehouse.

Today, this solution offers a ‘basic’ alternative to the Laser Grinder® systems. This is an ideal solution for floors with minimal errors that only just fail to meet the required flatness specification, however, manual grinding generally does not produce a floor profile that gives maximum truck performance.

For improved trucks efficiency, the Laser Grinder® Gold service is a better solution.

Gold – Superflat Floor Grinding with the Laser Grinder®

We have been successfully providing superflat floor grinding solutions to clients since the Laser Grinder® system was developed in the early 1990’s.

This solution will continue to be a significant part of our grinding operation offering numerous benefits to clients including those that our competitors cannot offer such as:-

  • Grinding the minimal amount and depth required to meet the specification by only correcting errors in floor surface regularity, rather than grinding the whole aisle from end to end
  • The Laser Grinder®is a completely self sufficient machine, with no trailing high voltage cables or water pipes – ensuring very safe working practices are maintained
  • Suitable for use in operational warehouse including food and pharmaceutical storage facilities even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Total grinding flexibility to suit all VNA forklift trucks
  • Guaranteed to achieve all international defined movement specifications; TR34 & TR34 Appendix C, ACI Fmin, DIN 15185, EN 15620 and VDMA Guideline

If a project requires something special – ultraflat floor to exceptionally tight tolerances, the Laser Grinder® XPT is the perfect solution.

Platinum – Ultraflat Floor Grinding Laser Grinder® XPT

The Laser Grinder® XPT was developed in response to customers’ demands for flatter floors. As with the standard Laser Grinder®, the Laser Grinder® XPT is suitable for operation in a live warehouse environment, offering little or no interference to ongoing warehouse activities and shares all the benefits included in the Gold service.

Additional features include:-

Bespoke Tolerance Grinding

Our experience in concrete floor grinding extends beyond the logistics sector. We have completed many bespoke grinding projects in manufacturing, scientific and assembly facilities where high tolerance flooring was critical, as well as a superflat drag strip in the Middle East.

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Platinum - Ultraflat Floor Grinding Solution

Can achieve exceptionally tight tolerance concrete grinding in narrow aisles.

Laser Grinding a Floor Ultraflat

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