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The Laser Grinder® was first invented in the early 1990’s and was considered the world’s most technologically advanced floor grinding machine.

The Laser Grinder® was specifically developed to operate in a working warehouse environment, causing minimal disruption to a client’s ongoing operation.

With the introduction of the Laser Grinder® XPT, the next generation Laser Grinding machine capable of grinding floors ultraflat and to exceptionally tight tolerances, the Laser Grinder® remains the most appropriate method of grinding floors to meet with standard floor flatness specifications.

Since then a fleet of 15 Laser Grinders® have been built and are operating globally with a permanent base at Concrete Grinding Ltd’s Head Office in the UK, Mainland Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Korea, China, Australia and the USA.

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We can deliver grinding quickly, cleanly and efficiently so that your operations can return to normal at the earliest opportunity. See how our laser grinding system can benefit your warehouse operations.

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Silver - Manual Floor Grinding Solution

For floors with minimal errors that just fail to meet the required flatness specs.

Manually Grinding a Floor

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