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Concrete Grinding Ltd’s Areas of Expertise

At Concrete Grinding Ltd we specialise in upgrading new and existing floors to super or even ultra flat standards. In doing so, we’re providing the best possible platform for your operation to run on.

Our technical skills and experience are second to none worldwide and We guarantee to achieve any specification of floor flatness that is required. Also as we only grind areas out of specification, not the full length of every aisle, we ensure the process is as cost effective as possible.

Concrete Grinding Ltd Services

Total Grinding Flexibility

Aisle GrindingThe Laser Grinder® and the Laser Grinder® XPT easily adapt to grind in a number of different formats to suit all types of VNA forklift trucks / MHE. We can grind the individual defined wheel tracks only, for 3 or 4-wheeled VNA trucks, or we can grind the full width of an aisle to accommodate any number of different potential wheel tracks. Read more

Ultraflat Grinding

Laser Grinder XPTThe Laser Grinder® XPT -‘Xtra Precision Technology’, has been developed to provide clients with a flatter floor than ever before. The Laser Grinder® XPT can achieve ULTRAFLAT to exceptionally tight tolerance concrete floor grinding in narrow aisle warehouses that far exceeds the limits of current international standards. Read more

Superflat Grinding

Laser GrinderThe Laser Grinder® has been specifically developed to operate in a working warehouse environment, with minimal interference to a client’s ongoing operation. The wet, vacuum-enclosed grinding process is free from airborne dust and is clean enough to work alongside fully stocked racks – even in food and pharmaceutical storage facilities. Our philosophy is to grind the least amount of concrete that is required to provide the maximum benefit for the end user. Read more

Manual Grinding

Manaul Floor Grinding Concrete Grinding Ltd are able to offer this service, however, this method is unlikely to produce the best possible floor profile. It will still fall within the maximum limits of a given specification but manual grinding generally does not produce a floor profile that gives maximum truck performance. Read more

Fast Track Superflat

Fast TrackDo you require large floors with very high tolerances, but have a tight schedule? – Our unique combination of high output Laser Screed ® floor construction and Laser Grinding system offer a fast track and a perfect solution. No other flooring contractor can provide this complete comprehensive service. Read more

The CoGri Group LogoThe CoGri Group is a consortium of international specialists in the upgrading, repair and enhancement of industrial floors, particularly in floor flatness in narrow aisles. Read more

The CoGri Group has representation worldwide, operating from our main offices in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, South Korea, China, Australia as well as working with partners and agents across all continents.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are the market leader when it comes to flat floors and we’ve been doing it longer than anyone else
  • Our unique laser grinding system was patented in 1991 and we continue to design, build and develop all our equipment in-house
  • The laser grinders are completely self contained meaning no trailing pipes or cables and no requirement for costly three phase power
  • Our laser grinding system is so clean and dust free meaning that existing stock doesn’t need to be removed from the racking
  • Grinding is completed quickly with minimum disruption and extremely accurately

What Client’s Say

“The truck drivers are satisfied with the new surface and the trucks are operating to maximum efficiency. From my point of view I had no issues at all and CG engineers were very professional throughout the contract and I would like to thank you and your team for the service provided and for completing the project on time and as originally specified.”
Facilities Manager, Bosch UK
“Concrete Grinding Ltd completed all narrow floor grinding at the facility on Reunion Island. During that time, we have particularly appreciated their professionalism and rigour of their work. They continuously maintained a positive spirit and cheerfulness, despite tough working conditions. We are pleased with their contribution to the project and would recommend them as well as Promadis.”
Al Sei, Reunion Island
“This letter is to confirm I am satisfied with the work done on our new build and am happy to release your men from site. Your teams have done a very good job of flattening our floors and I have been very satisfied with their work ethic and attitude during the duration of the job. I admit that the unfinished part of the warehouse may have given them some additional problems but they have been professional and approachable throughout and have coped admirably.
I shall have no problems recommending your company to others in this situation and thank yourself and Paul for all the help and advice that has been given to us and the builders during this period. It was very much appreciated.”
Logistics Manager, Prestige Leisure Ltd
“I can honestly say I’ve been totally surprised in their (Concrete Grinding Ltd) performance up to date…They’ve been amazing!”
“When they sit there and tell you that they’re going to achieve what you want them to achieve, without any dust, without relatively any noise, any inconvenience, you don’t believe it, but they do do exactly what they say, and I can not emphasise enough how professional they are.”
Susan Smith, Keystore Ltd
“Just to let you know, how pleased I am with the results of the remedial repairs to our floor. Your men have done a superb job, and I appreciate the conditions that they work under are not always that easy, but they managed to keep the disruption to our business at a minimum. Please pass on my thanks to them.”
Facilities Manager, Homebase