VNA Still Paves the Way

August 8, 2022

VNA Double Cut GrindingThe Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) industry has overgone huge changes in recent years with the influx of robotic and automated systems, but Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) storage systems still very much have their place, thanks in part to their versatility and storage density.

In fact, Concrete Grinding Ltd has never seen such high demand for their VNA floor flatness grinding services.

Some recent highlights include:

TR34 Compliance for Online Retail Giant

Whole Aisle Width Grinding in Wide Aisle
1. Whole Aisle Width Grinding

Three projects for an online retail giant; one in the UK, one in Ireland, and one in Italy through our partner Trimmer S.r.l.

As the racking top beam height on all sites was between 8 – 13 metres, they all required the floor within the aisles to comply with the Concrete Society TR34 (4th Edition) DM2 specification.

The UK and Irish sites each contained wide aisles, but VNA trucks also operated in them alongside Free Movement (FM) equipment such as reach trucks. This meant the whole width of the aisles had to be ground using our Laser Grinder® system to provide a flat, uniform surface suitable for all types of MHE.

In Italy, grinding was carried out in traditional narrow aisles in 2 tracks to suit the Toyota VNA trucks;

Floor Grinding for Mitsubishi VNA Trucks

3 Wheel Track Grinding for VNA Trucks UK
2. Three Wheel Track Grinding

Back in the UK, 3 wheel track grinding was needed to suit Mitsubishi VNA trucks in a new warehouse for a global pharmaceutical supplier.

25 aisles were ground, again to the TR34 DM2 specification.

The works were carried out in close conjunction with other trades to ensure a speedy handover to the client.

American Grinding Projects

Whole Aisle Grinding

Further afield in America, two whole aisle width grinding projects were completed on behalf of CoGri USA; the first, a multinational manufacturer of home appliances located in Ohio, required a very flat floor within their new aisles to suit the Crown VNA trucks that will operate up to a height of 15.65m.

Grinding was, therefore, carried out to achieve compliance with the onerous ACI Fmin 100 specification. The Client opted to have the whole width of the aisles ground to provide complete flexibility for the type of MHE used, both now and in the future.

Automated VNA System Grinding

Whole Aisle Width Grinding USA
3. Whole Aisle Width Grinding USA

The second American project was located in Wisconsin, at the premises of an instant hot water and food waste disposal manufacturer.

Here, 10 aisles were ground to the ACI Fmin 80 specification to suit the new fully automated VNA system that was being installed.

Grinding Flexibilty

Concrete Grinding Ltd offer 2 track grinding for 4 wheeled trucks, 3 track grinding for 3 wheeled trucks or whole aisle width grinding to provide total flexibility for any configuration of truck.

No matter which defined movement floor flatness specification or format of grinding is required, Concrete Grinding Ltd have the solution to ensure your VNA trucks operate safely and efficiently.

Contact us today for free advice on maximising your warehouse operations.

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