Why the Floor Should Be Your First Consideration for a VNA Warehouse

November 30, 2021

VNA Aisle - Flooring RequirementsVery Narrow Aisle (VNA) warehouses need flat floors for trouble-free, productive operations. This recent article in Logistics Business magazine explains why VNA warehouses need both flat and level floors to allow Materials Handling Equipment to operate at maximum speeds within defined aisles.

The article explores how the height of the racking affects floor flatness requirements, with the highest commanding the most stringent flatness specifications. Independent floor testing organisations are then utilised to identify areas of the floor that require grinding to bring them within compliance.

Grinding using the Laser Grinder® or Laser Grinder® XPT machines, designed and manufactured in-house, is the next step for achieving stringent standards of flatness and tight tolerances.

Read the full article here to find out why you shouldn’t forget your floor and should, instead, make it your first consideration.

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