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June 3, 2014

Concrete Grinding Ltd made an excellent start to 2010 by constructing the floor for a warehouse extension project for Deal Distribution International FZE in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The project was initially discussed back in January 2009 when Deal Distribution International FZE asked FACE Middle East Fzc to design the floor in their proposed very narrow aisle (VNA) extension. At the time, Deal Distribution International FZE were operating a wide aisle facility but wanted to increase the size of their premises and include an 8 aisle VNA operation.

With a racking top beam height of 11.7m, the floor flatness within the very narrow aisles was critical. Deal Distribution International FZE understood that poor floor flatness would mean slowing the VNA truck operations for safety reasons. The decision was made early on that in order to satisfy the tight project schedules, the 3600m2 floor would be constructed using a Laser Screed and then Laser Ground within the aisles where necessary. To construct the floor using traditional long strip method, where one aisle is cast per day, would have taken 11 days. However, the Laser Screed method could knock 8 days off and complete the work in only 3 days.

Completed In Only 3 Days

See below:
1. Laser Screed moving into position during second day’s casting. Levels were checked regularly to maintain high standard of accuracy.
2. Construction of second slab in progress.

Laser Screed

Laser Screeding
1. Laser Screed moving into position

Once the design was finalised, the Concrete Grinding team arrived on site early January 2010 and spent 3 days preparing the sub-base within the entire warehouse floor area. Within this time, the concrete mix design was tested and MB Mix were chosen to supply the concrete for the project.

Once the levelling and compacting operations were completed, the concrete was ordered and floor construction began. Over 3 consecutive days, 1200m2 of floor were constructed each day. The finished floor levels were carefully monitored throughout construction and each slab was surveyed the day after casting for immediate feedback.

Construction of Slab

Floor Construction
2. Construction of second slab

When the floor construction was completed, FACE Middle East surveyed the floor for compliance with both Free and Defined Movement specifications. It was found that the floor easily complied with the TR34 FM2 (Special) specification. This proved a good quantity of flatness and levelness were achieved.

Compliance Testing

See below:
1. Second floor slab construction.
2. FACE Middle East surveying the proposed aisleways the day after floor construction, using the FACE Digital Appendix C Profileograph.

Slab Construction & Profileograph Survey

Concrete Poor
1. Second floor slab construction.
FACE Digital Profileograph Survey
2. FACE Profileograph Survey.

To test for compliance to the TR34 DM2 specification for VNA operation, the aisle centres were marked on the floor at either end of the 8 aisles and the FACE Digital Profileograph used to survey the floor within the wheel tracks of the VNA trucks. The exact amount of grinding needed to bring the floor in to compliance with the DM2 specification was then calculated and saved.

The Concrete Grinding team demobilised and allowed the other contractors to work on the project. The lighting, air conditioning and finally the racking are currently under construction. Once these are completed, Concrete Grinding will return to site and grind the floor within the aisle using the survey data calculated.

This project is very similar to those completed in Greece for IKEA and Violex. In this case the concrete Grinding team were the flooring contractors and provided the floor as one complete package solution to the client.

Mr. Nayef Khoury, Managing Director of Deal Distribution International FZE commented,

“I was truly impressed with the professionalism, dedication and execution of the Superflat flooring project managed by M/S Concrete Grinding Ltd/FACE Middle East Fzc. The outcome is indeed state of art. Quality, Precision and Efficiency have been proven by them all through the process. For our forthcoming projects, we will not hesitate to request their services as now we are certain that we have gained a trustworthy service provider.”

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