Two Track Laser Grinding for Dunelm

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Two Track Laser Grinding for Dunelm

Concrete Grinding's Two track Floor grinding work at DunelmLeading homewares retailer Dunelm moved in to a new warehouse in Stoke recently, and Concrete Grinding were called in to help them achieve a safe, two track floor which helps them to maximise productivity.

Paul Altham, Concrete Grinding’s Technical Services Manager said: “Dunelm contacted us and explained that they were opening a new warehouse to store and distribute a range of their goods, but in some of the racking areas they needed some grinding work to be carried out.”

Using Jungheinrich trucks, and with racking of 12.5m high, the aisles needed to be compliant with TR34 Category 1.

“After being appointed by Dunelm to carry out the work, we appointed Face Consultants to come in and perform a profileograph survey in the narrow aisles” said Paul.  “The survey report allowed us to look at which areas of the floor needed grinding, and how long the work would take to complete. It means that we can get the work complete in good time for the customer, and also means Dunelm aren’t paying for needless grinding work to be carried out on parts of the floor that doesn’t need it.”

The survey results showed that out of 59 aisles on site, approximately 35% of it needed grinding – a total of 1750 linear metres. Concrete Grinding had a four man team and two Laser Grinders ® at Dunelm, and from a logistics point of view their work began after the racking had been installed. The wire installation would follow as the two track floor format grinding work is completed.

Dunelm’s new premises is due to open and be operation in April 2016.

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