Repeat Orders For CoGri Floors

December 7, 2015

Amazon-LogoCoGri Floors keep getting added to the Amazon basket nowadays, and working in conjunction with Crown Lift Trucks, Concrete Grinding returned to one of the online retailer’s depots recently, as they dealt with another order.

The unit, situated near Luton, had five aisles of 63 linear meters each that needed grinding to comply with the Concrete Society TR34 defined movement specification. Concrete Grinding had already done a fantastic job at an Amazon unit in the North of England, and were called in to this site too.

“The aisles in question at this unit were just over 1.8m in width rack to rack, and had a racking top beam height of 9.75m” said Paul Altham, Technical Services Manager for Concrete Grinding. “With that in mind we could have done whole aisle width or three wheel track grinding and gave the company two options.”

A Profileograph survey had been carried out by Face Consultants at the beginning of September, to check compliance with the DM2 category of the aforementioned specification in the aisles (for lift heights between 8m and 13m).

“The survey showed us that only 40% of the total aisle length needed grinding” Paul said. “Our unique Laser Grinding system minimises the amount of remedial grinding required, as only the areas that fall outside the specification limits require grinding, not the full length of every aisle. Therefore the customer benefits financially and we can finish the job quicker too.”

Amazon needed the work carrying out quickly, and although Concrete Grinding didn’t have one of their Laser Grinders® available in the country at the time, thanks to their global fleet they were able to bring one back from France specifically for the job.

Once the Laser Grinder® arrived, work took six days to complete after Amazon opted for three wheel track grinding.

Concrete Grinding are part of the CoGri Group of companies, and offer the best industrial flooring services in the world. If you want to know more about a CoGri Floor contact Concrete Grinding on +44 (0) 1484 600080, or send them an enquiry by clicking here.

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