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June 1, 2011

CoGri Australia Pty Ltd has successfully completed their second Laser Grinding contract at a new warehouse facility in Queensland. The $4.8 million Queensland drill core facility will store up to 700 kilometres of rock samples and help boost mining exploration in the region. A Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering Company were commissioned by the client to build the new facility.

The project required 9 aisles of 35 linear metres to be ground to TR34 Appendix C DM1 specification. The Laser Grinding team carried out whole aisle width grinding to 2.25 metres wide, which is slightly wider than most narrow aisles. This was because the client had not yet decided on the type of the racking and VNA trucks, so this approach gave them greater flexibility for the future.

Face Consultants Pty Ltd carried out a Profileograph survey before and after grinding, and a report was issued proving the DM1 specification had been achieved.

The contractor’s Business Development Manager added, “The construction comprised of a concrete slab floor with a structural steel building clad in concrete panels. In order to achieve the high flatness specification required at the facility it was decided to lay the floor using traditional methods. Post construction grinding was incorporated to guarantee the required flatness specification. We chose Face Consultants to survey the floor and CoGri Australia to undertake the grinding works. The final results clearly demonstrated this was a wise choice. CoGri handled the operation with the minimum of fuss and completed the work within the expected timeframe. We would be happy to recommend them to any prospective Clients”.

CoGri Australia Pty Ltd provides complete concrete floor solution services to warehouse and industrial properties located in Australia and New Zealand.

Their range of services available includes:

  • Design and Build Services
  • Superflat Floor Construction
  • Laser Screed ® Floors
  • Joint Free Construction by Laser Screed ®
  • Upgrading Narrow Aisle Floors by Laser Grinding
  • Wire Guidance Installation
  • Pump Screed Floors
  • Floor Joint Repairs
  • Bespoke flooring solutions

CoGri Australia Pty Ltd are part of the CoGri Group of companies, a consortium of international industrial floor solution specialists with over 20 years global experience in the Design, Construction, Upgrading and Repair of Industrial Concrete floors.

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