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Total Grinding Flexibility to suit any VNA truck

The Laser Grinder® and the Laser Grinder® XPT easily adapt to grind in a number of different formats to suit all types of VNA forklift trucks / MHE. This allows our total grinding flexibility to be able to grind the individual defined wheel tracks only, for 3 or 4-wheeled VNA trucks, or we can grind the full width of an aisle to accommodate any number of different potential wheel tracks.

Whole Aisle Grinding

Total Grinding flexibility whole aisle grinding

Our unique Laser Grinder ® process allows us to grind the full useable width of a narrow aisle. By making 3 or more passes along an aisle, we are able to provide a single ground path that satisfies the required flatness specification in all potential wheel paths. Read more

Wheel Track Grinding

total grinding flexibilityWheel track grinding

The Laser Grinder® is easily adapted to grind two or three wheel paths. The left & right tracks will be performed, simultaneously, in one pass along the aisle, with the centre track ground to follow a similar profile in a second pass along the aisle.

For 4 wheel VNA trucks, the Laser Grinder® can grind all necessary wheel paths. The left & right grinding heads are set up to grind along one side of the aisle in one pass and then along the other side of the aisle in a second pass. Read More