Fast Track VNA Laser Grinding Solution

June 16, 2014

VNA Grinding Narrow AisleConcrete Grinding was commissioned to carry out superflat floor grinding at a very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouse facility in Livingston, Scotland. The client, Prestige Leisure Ltd, one of the leading distributors of branded leisurewear required grinding work to make their new warehouse floor suitable for VNA operation.

With the racking and wire guidance installed and new trucks delivered to site, it was a huge set back to the client to find the flatness of their newly constructed floor was not fit for the trucks to operate in a single aisle without potentially causing damage to the racking. The client initially chose a manual grinding contractor but after the contractor failed to grind the first aisle into spec, the client chose the only guaranteed solution; the Laser Grinder ® system!

Face Consultants Ltd carried out an initial floor flatness survey using the FACE Digital Profileograph which indicated the floor needed substantial grinding in all 17 aisles of 78m (1,326m total) in order to comply with the required defined movement / VNA floor flatness specification – TR34 (App C) DM2.

A fast track VNA Laser Grinding solution was put forward in which Concrete Grinding Ltd operated three Laser Grinders in unison, round the clock and at weekends at different stages of the project in order to get the work completed in as short a time-frame as possible so the client could move into their building and get operational.

Jim Gilchrist, Stock and Purchasing Manager commented, “Your teams have done a very good job of flattening our floor and I have been very satisfied with their work ethic and attitude during the duration of the job. They have been professional and approachable throughout and have coped admirably. I shall have no problems in recommending your company to others in this situation”.

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