Phase 2 VNA Floor Flatness Grinding Completed at Culina Logistics

November 22, 2016

cullina vna floor phase 2 racking grindingConcrete Grinding Ltd, part of the CoGri Group has completed the second phase of a VNA floor flatness concrete grinding project at a Culina Logistics site in Port Salford, Manchester. 

Earlier this year Concrete Grinding Ltd ground just over 50% of the proposed aisles so that Culina could become operational as quickly as possible. With a huge volume of stock that needed to be accommodated in the new warehouse, much of it was temporarily stored on the floor prior to being loaded in the first phase of racking. Once this was clear, Concrete Grinding were called in to complete the work.

Profileograph survey

“We’re pleased to have been involved in the build of the first Tri-Modal site in the UK on behalf of a major flooring contractor” said Paul Altham, Technical Services Manager for Concrete Grinding. “They had laid the concrete floor slab, and the first action for us was to get Face Consultants in to carry out a Profileograph survey.”

A Profileograph is effectively a narrow aisle forklift truck simulator:

  • It is set up to the same wheel dimensions as the forklift, so sees the floor as the trucks do.
  • It travels down each aisle, measuring and recording the flatness properties.
  • The findings are then presented in a comprehensive report.
  • The report data is analysed to determine where grinding is required to bring the floor into the specification.

“To get floor work completed, a client may often have to deal with multiple companies” said Paul. “But by working with Concrete Grinding you have one point of contact. We’re part of the CoGri Group and offer a full solution to any flooring problem. So with us, the project is seamless and saves our clients time and money”.

Defined wheel track grinding

Grinding was then carried out in three wheel tracks to suit the wheel footprint of Crown TSP 7000 VNA trucks. As the racking top beam height is over 13m, the aisles needed to comply with the DM1 classification of the Concrete Society TR34 specification. This ensures the trucks can operate safely and efficiently.

“The distribution centre is now fully operational” Paul concluded. “The project has been great to work on. We are proud to have been involved in the first ever tri-modal site in the UK”.

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